Nevada, California Forces Come Together To Fight Distracted Driving

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According to a series of news reports, both the Nevada and the California Highway Patrol forces are coming together to fight one of the number one road killers: distracted driving.

On average, 45,000 vehicles enter the state of Nevada from the I-15 corridor coming from Los Angeles, California daily. When added up, this translates into 16 million vehicles entering every year. With a great deal of vehicles coming and going, more accidents take place. And when it comes to distracted driving, we know that the number of crashes has been going up precisely because of distractions, making the practice particularly concerning.

As we enter spring break season, the Nevada and California forces will be expecting to see heavier traffic between the two states. In order to target distracted drivers and make sure that travels are safe, the agencies will focus their efforts on speed infractions, distracted driving violations, and the move over law.

Drivers will see DMS electronic freeway signs flashing messages that read: “Move Over or Slow Down for Stopped Emergency Vehicles.” The signs will also alert when drivers enter “NHP Zero Tolerance Zones.”

Both messages will serve as reminders that drivers must be fully aware of the law and the consequences for not paying attention.

Drivers who believe they are never going to be impacted by distracted driving but who continue to use their phones or other electronics while behind the wheel should be reminded that they are not special.

All drivers, young or old, are vulnerable when their attention is not focused on the act of driving. Because inattention increases the risk of crashes due to the fact that drivers become less likely to respond promptly to emergencies. And as a result, this will lead to crashes.

If you’re serious about your safety not only this spring break but always, pay attention to what officials are saying and avoid accidents by staying focused.

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