National Campaign Against Distracted Driving Kicks Off

Distracted driving remains as one of the most dangerous activities in America. It has been directly tied to the increase in the number of deadly auto crashes in the last couple of years as well.

Safety experts and law enforcement agencies have been urging drivers to make sure they understand that distracted driving is not only illegal in most states, it is also potentially deadly considering that in 2012 alone, 3,328 people died in distracted driving accident.

In an attempt to make sure that teens, young drivers and inexperienced drivers across the country learn more about the risks associated with using a phone while behind the wheel, a national campaign has kicked off to encourage drivers to stop using their phones when driving. The campaign, which is called U Drive, is focused on making sure that drivers know about the serious consequences of driving while distracted.

During the year of 2012, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported, about 421,000 people were injured in distracted driving accidents.

The reports issued by the NHTSA have shown that the number of distracted driving accidents is increasing. It accounted for at least 12 percent of all deadly crashes reported in the year of 2012, according to the federal agency. Experts say that if the vehicle is going at about 55 mph and the driver spends about 5 seconds looking at their phone to write a text or receive a text, the vehicle will travel the length of a football field while his or her eyes are looking down. This means that five seconds may sound like an extremely short period of time, but when in a vehicle, five seconds can make a huge difference.

Many surveys show that drivers know they could pose risks to others if they pick up their phones while driving but choose to continue to do so anyway.

Motorists who are aware of the many risks associated with allowing distractions to steer their attention away from the road and never use their phones should be alert and vigilant to spot other drivers who may be using their phones while behind the wheel.

Experts urge them to stay alert and if they spot a distracted driver, they must contact the authorities, especially if they find the driver to pose a risk to themselves and others. They are also urged to make sure that drivers drive behind them and not next or in front of them. Give them enough room and pay close attention to your surroundings.

Motorists who spot others driving while distracted should drive defensively to avoid accidents.

Distracted driving encompasses much more than using the phone so stay alert and focused on the road ahead at all times. The full article with more details on this story can be found here.

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