Multi-Car Accident Sends Five To Hospital, Two In Critical Condition

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An auto accident in Westwood involving several vehicles has resulted in injuries, the California Highway Patrol has announced.

According to a series of news reports, the multi-vehicle accident ended up shutting down the northbound lanes of the 405 Freeway.

Officials have claimed that the accident took place sometime after midnight, and that at least four vehicles were involved. At least five people were sent to the hospital as a result. At least a man and a woman were in critical condition while three other men were in serious condition.

Officials did not report on any specific details regarding the accident. Still, we know that the crash caused the road to close, forcing officials to divert the traffic to avoid further problems.

While we do not know exactly what took place prior to this collision, we know that most auto accidents involving many vehicles end up resulting in injuries. Sometimes, they even turn out to be deadly.

We hope the victims in this accident are being able to make a full recovery. We also urge our readers, drivers, and clients to take a moment to think about how fragile our lives can be. Accidents often happen because drivers are negligent or ignorant of road rules.
If you value life and understand that safety depends on all of us, then you will always drive safely. But if you are not aware that actions have consequences and that you’re always responsible for the vehicle you drive, then the risks of being involved in an accident are much greater.

We hope the California Highway Patrol is working hard to determine the factors that led to this accident. It’s once officials are able to report on what triggered a collision that others are given an opportunity to change.
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