Mom Loses Life in Tragic Distracted Driving Crash

car accident hit-and-runDistracted driving continues to be one of our number one concerns as auto accident attorneys. But it seems that the more safety advocates urge drivers to stay alert in order to avoid crashes, the more accidents are reported. In many cases, states invest heavily in educational and enforcement efforts in order to fight distracted driving and yet drivers continue to use their phones, other electronics, or take part in other activities that end up exposing drivers and passengers to serious safety risks.

An accident that happened recently involved a distracted driver whose lack of focus on the road led to at least one death.

According to a series of news reports, the 31-year-old woman whose life was lost in the accident was the passenger in a vehicle traveling on the northbound lanes of the Interstate 35W this past Sunday when an SUV crashed into the back of the vehicle. The vehicle traveling behind that ended up rear ending the victim was traveling at highway speed.

According to the authorities, the driver behind the wheel of the SUV was distracted.

While details on what kind of distraction that resulted in this crash weren‘t readily available, the victim was declared brain-dead this past Wednesday.

The victim was also a mother, and her fiancé was behind the wheel at the time of the accident.

What this tragic story shows us is that distracted driving continues to be a serious problem for drivers nationwide. And while drivers are often unaware of the potential consequences of driving while distracted, the victims continue to be innocent, often bystanders or passengers who happen to be exposed to the impact of a collision because a third party as not focused on the act of driving.

Motorists should keep this and many other stories in mind the moment they seat behind the wheel. Ignoring potential risks and simply allowing your inattention to increase the risk of death and injury is not the responsible thing to do.

If you’re curious to know more about this tragic accident, follow this link to read the full report or watch the video below.

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