Meet the Traffic Solution Known as ‘Flying’ Bus

Traffic is everybody’s problem. No matter how wealthy or poor you are. And while in traffic, we, as drivers, experience some of the worst, most concerning moments of our lives. Crashes and minor collisions fill our days as motorists across the country, making us wonder whether there’s ever going to be a miracle that will solve this.

Well, the miracle may have just been produced.

According to a series of news reports, a Chinese company has just invented one of the most ingenious traffic solutions you will ever hear about: the Transit Elevated Bus.

The giant bus gives us an impression that it’s flying, when in reality, the device stands nearly 16 feet tall so that it can pass over all cars on the road below. This technology could help to make traffic better simply by opening space on local roads, allowing cars to drive more freely and bus occupants to arrive at their destination more quickly.

If his technology is used widely in China, other parts of the globe may join the craze, and the ultimate traffic solution may be at the reach of our fingertips after all.

The pilot Transit Elevated Bus rolls along a designated track in the province of Hebei in China. It holds about 300 riders but there aren’t many seats. In America, this would probably have to change experts say.

The bus is 72 feet long by 26 feet wide and offers midsize sedans plenty of space under its structure to roam freely. But how well would this technology fare in areas where larger vehicles were to be driven around?

It’s still unclear.

Until an American model is put to use, we’re still not sure how many vehicles will easily pass under it and how well it can be put to use on American roads without putting lives in danger.

If you’re curious to know more about this giant “flying” bus, follow this link to read the full report. Watch the video below to see the flying bus in action.

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