McDonald’s Pulls Fitness Tracker After Reports of Skin Issues

McDonald's, injury, liabilityRecently, the fast-food restaurant chain McDonald’s launched a new campaign by distributing fitness trackers with its famous Happy Meal boxes. The idea was to encourage children to exercise.

The “Step It!” fitness trackers came in six colors and they are designed to be worn as watches. The device is used to count steps, and the tracker’s blinking lights let kids know how quickly or slowly they are moving.

The devices were distributed to kids in the United States and Canada.

But according to a spokesperson for McDonald’s, reports concerning the device began to worry the company. In order to put an end to the problem, McDonald’s decided to stop distributing the wristbands.

Reports show that some consumers were reporting instances of skin irritation, which is now under investigation by the company.

The company got a considerable amount of criticism for distributing fitness trackers along with its items, which are often considered to be less than healthy. Nevertheless, we’re happy that the company acted promptly after learning about the reports of skin irritation.

All too often, companies delay recall reports, putting profits before consumer safety. This behavior is not only wrong, it should be punished. Victims of third party negligence should be given the opportunity to fight for their right with the help of professionals with experience in the field. We’ll only see fewer incidents involving defective consumers products by holding companies that do not follow the rules accountable.

If you’re curious to know more about the McDonald’s fitness bands and how the company is responding to the reports of skin irritation, follow this link or watch the video below.

Stay alert to health-related problems or other issues associated with products you consume or use regularly. If problems arise and they are not addressed, they may lead to incidents or other issues that could expose vulnerable consumers to serious health consequences.

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