Mariscos San Juan: Over 100 Consumers Infected with Shigella

shigella mariscos san juanRecently, over 80 people fell ill after visiting Mariscos San Juan, a restaurant in San Jose, California.

As investigators look into what caused the outbreak, consumers who were impacted are urged to stay home and avoid contact with others in order to keep others from being contaminated.

According to recent reports, the Shigella outbreak has now spread to other regions. Making this a potentially serious case of food poisoning that could easily expose hundreds to the bacteria.

Reports show that three other Bay Area counties have seen consumers reporting illnesses linked to Shingles. At least five new cases were confirmed in Alameda, San Mateo, and Santa Cruz counties. According to health officials, there are now over 110 patients who have been infected by the bacterial disease associated with Mariscos San Juan, the seafood restaurant. At least 92 of these cases involves Santa Clara County residents while 18 patients live in different counties.

In Santa Clara County, 24 patients were infected with shigellosis, the infectious diarrheal disease linked to the Shingella bacteria. As the investigation continues, three cases of Shigella in San Mateo were directly linked to the San Jose outbreak. Officials from the other counties are still investigating the remaining cases.

Over the weekend, dozens of people reported they had fallen severely ill. Officials closed the restaurant in order to carry out more detailed investigations and keep others from being exposed to the same bacteria. In many of the cases, patients had to be hospitalized and at least 12 are in intensive-care units.

Shigella spreads when individuals who are infected handle food or water. Individuals with contaminated hands may also spread the bacteria.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the disease could also spread to a greater number of people if produce has been contaminated by human sewage or by flies carrying the organism.

Patients begin feeling sick one or two days after they are exposed to the bacteria. Some of the initial symptoms include diarrhea, which could turn bloody, abdominal pain, and fever. Patients who fall ill feel sick for about five to seven days, but some patients experience life-threatening symptoms.

The Santa Clara County reported on Thursday, October 23 that it’s still receiving reports of shigella cases.

If you were impacted and you have diarrhea, even if mild, officials are urging you to not go back to work, especially if you work in the food industry.

If you were impacted by this particular food poisoning incident and you have been infected with the Shigella bacteria, call us for a free consultation at 1-323-653-3600.

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