Man Sues American Airlines Over Traumatic Brain Injury

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No matter how severe the brain injury is, victims may still require compensation, especially if the injury causes them long-term problems that impact their ability to work and perform their activities as usual.

A man from Stanfordville, New York, has filed a lawsuit against American Airlines after an incident involving a runaway beverage cart left the man with severe brain injury.

Reports show that the man and his wife are seeking $10 million in damages.

The documents allege that a 300-pound beverage cart struck the man’s head after the device was allowed to fly down the aisle on Flight 1941. The plan had left Harford, Connecticut on April 28, 2016 and was headed to Charlotte, North Carolina when the incident happened.

Due to the impact, the victim suffered a large gash to his forehead. He then lost conscience and suffered severe bleeding as a result. Instead of landing the plane after the incident, which called for emergency care, the pilot continued flying to Charlotte. According to the lawsuit, the cabin crew was not alerted of the incident.

Due to the serious trauma, the man alleges he now suffers from “chronic traumatic brain injury and post-concussive syndrome.” Unfortunately, this means he suffers headaches, anxiety, and mood swings that clearly stand in his way of living a normal life.

Ever since the debate surrounding airline companies and how they treat passengers became heated thanks to the incident involving a doctor hit the news, many passengers have spoken out against companies for mistreating them for a series of reasons. But in this case, the victim was seriously injured and nothing was done for hours to help the man obtain prompt care.

As personal injury attorneys in California, we have helped countless victims of negligent behavior obtain the compensation they deserve after being serious injured. We understand that these traumatic events may cause individuals great stress and pain, especially as they lose wages thanks to the time it takes for them to recover. In some cases, they don’t recover fully and may need help for many years to come.

We’re saddened to learn about this terrible case and hope the victim obtains the justice he deserves.

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