Make Your Home Accident-Proof For The Summer

It’s important that certain household hazards are contained when you have small children around. The Consumer Reports issued a statement reporting that parents should always be alert of certain risks common household products and areas in your house could pose to children.

Safety advocates urge parents to make sure they remember to ensure their children are safe by performing a full safety check around all parts of the house to make sure that your home is “accident-proof” during the upcoming summer.

Multiple news agencies have indicated that over 1,300 adults were surveyed by the Consumer Reports National Research Center. The agency hoped to pinpoint the top danger spots in people’s homes for children. The reports show that a great majority of parents surveyed are aware of the risks associated with playing outdoors and already take steps to make sure their children are safe while doing so.

However, there are areas where parents usually seem to let their guard down, which could increase the risk of an accident.

Grilling, according to the survey, is one of the most popular activities mentioned in the survey. According to the result of the research, only two out of five households actually have a fire extinguisher nearby while grilling. Consumers also fail when it comes to preventing fires, according to the survey. Only one in five make use of nonflammable pads to protect their deck from being exposed to heat elements.

These oversights could increase the risk of a fire and expose the entire family to serious dangers. Every year, over 8,600 fires occur as a result of outdoor grilling activities. According to the survey, activities related to trampolines, swimming pools, deck structures, lighting and fire pits also pose serious risks.

Fire pits were responsible for 2,900 injuries in 2011 alone, reports show.

In order to help to prevent accidents and keep consumers and their families safe, the company has urged consumers to follow certain tips in order to make sure that their homes are free from potential risks.

Some of the tips include providing sun protection to your children at all times. Checking the deck before children are allowed to play in the area and make sure that they are playing safely. Keep fire extinguishers in every level of the house and have your grill well guarded.

Swing sets should also be safeguarded. Safety advocates also urge parents to teach their children to play safely around pools. By following these tips and learning more about other safety measures, you will be able to curb the issues linked to potential incidents around your home.

Click here to read the full report and to learn more details concerning measures that promote safety.

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