Low Insurance Liabilities Leaving Victims Uncared For

Insurance bluesCar owners across the country know: if they are caught operating a motor vehicle without liability insurance, they will be subject to fines. But even with the requirement being part of most states’ laws, requirements shift from state to state.

In California, drivers are required to have insurance policies with $15,000 minimum injury liability for one person involved in a crash, $30,000 for all injuries, and at least $5,000 for minimum property damage liability.

What does that mean? That the minimum coverage limits were put in place to make sure that injuries and other expenses related to injuries or property damage are covered.

Unfortunately for many Californians, the minimum requirements are simply not enough to cover the costs of an accident. As a result, entire families suffer due to the lack of proper care, which is a direct result of low coverage requirements.

Here at Nagelberg Bernard Law group, our attorneys deal with countless terrible accident cases in which victims were seriously injured or even killed. In most of these cases, parties involved only had the minimum requirements covered by their insurance policies. Those who sustain injuries that require medical attention for a lifetime are often stuck with the bill. Overtime, entire families have to work to help cover the expenses.

While we’re glad California lawmakers have done their part by passing laws that stipulate liability requirements, our attorneys also believe that many victims are being unfairly treated because of low-ball insurance policies.

In order to address this concern, we’re urging our readers and clients to look into taking a moment to look into your auto insurance policies and maybe considering to change them. For your own future and safety.

More details on California’s—and most other states’—insurance requirements, follow this link.


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