Los Angeles GM Ignition Switch Recall Lawyers

General Motors continues to try to escape liability for their role in covering up a serious safety issue affecting millions of vehicles around the world.  As a result, persons like you have been injured or even killed in accidents that could have been prevented.

If you’ve lost a loved one because of GM’s foot dragging, or if you were injured in a collision involving a General Motors vehicle, then the Nagelberg Bernard Law Group wants to help.  Our Los Angeles-based auto accident litigation team is currently accepting inquiries regarding GM recall lawsuits, and if you believe the auto giant was liable for your accident, then we want to hear from you.

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Millions Of Vehicles And Counting

In February, General Motors made the move to recall a variety of automobiles that had one thing in common:  a defective ignition switch with a propensity to pull the vehicle from the ‘ON’ position while in transit.

While it may not sound like much, anyone who’s been through the situation can attest to how dangerous this can be.  Here are a few of the hazards that can result when an automobile is taken out of Drive at high speeds:

•Disabled Power Steering- With the power steering turned off, a driver would struggle to turn the wheel to reach the relative safety of the shoulder of the road or a nearby parking lot.

•Antilock Brake Malfunction- If a driver is required to stop quickly, he or she may be unable to come to a halt due to the breakdown of the ABS.

•Crash Danger- When a vehicle ceases running in the middle of transit, the ensuing distraction can create a dangerous situation.

•Airbag Deactivation- Should a crash occur, the driver may not benefit from the airbags that would activate if the vehicle were in the normal ‘Run’ position.

Did your vehicle suffer any of the aforementioned conditions and cause you to sustain a crash and any ensuing injuries?  Or were you struck by another vehicle that may have suffered from these same issues?  Then don’t wait another second to get compensation for the hazardous situation that was thrust upon you.

GM’s Actions Cost Lives

When an automaker identifies a serious safety defect with one of their vehicles, they are required by law to report the issue to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration at once.  In the case of the GM recall, it took nearly 13 years for anything to be done.

Documentation shows that persons at GM were aware of the potential failure of the ignition switch as far back as 2001, before the eventually recalled vehicles were even released to the public.  Despite that, and despite continued testing from technicians who were able to reproduce the results of a defect and reports from consumers experiencing safety problems with their own vehicles, GM insisted upon biding its time and staying out of the spotlight.  Not helping matters was an ineffectual NHTSA that failed to compel GM to issue a recall until it was too late.

It wasn’t until this past February that a wide-ranging recall was issued on various types of Chevy, Pontiac, and Saturn automobiles, and since that time, GM has added to the recall rolls a number of additional vehicles that could suffer from the ignition switch defect or some other safety issue.  A full list of recalled vehicles is available at this link.

As a result of the recall delay, at least a dozen people have been confirmed to be killed in connection with a defect-related crash, and many more have been injured.

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