Law Firm, Riders Celebrate Road Safety in Hollywood

As we approach the holiday season, riders and drivers everywhere are urged to stay safe. With distraction and fatigue in the mix due to the festivities, driving can be quite dangerous for everyone.

That’s the time of the year our firm becomes even more active in our community, urging business leaders who are in contact with riders and drivers regularly to help us make them aware of the risks.

20151208_120853Early today, the Nagelberg Bernard Law Group and the Left Coast Riders Now crew crashed Honda of Hollywood Motorcycles to bring them the joy of the season, along with lots of food and a message of safety.

“Our goal is to remind everyone they have rights,” attorney Larry Nagelberg told members of the staff, “that’s why you should never allow someone who injured you to go unpunished. But what’s truly important, and what you should always do—as a motorcycle rider, a driver, or a pedestrian—is to put safety first.”

During the event, which was fully sponsored by the Nagelberg Bernard Law Group, employees had access to great food, water and soda, and a kit that helps drivers to document damages associated with auto or motorcycle accidents.

hondaofhollywoodWith the kits in hands, employees now have access to information they may have not had access to in the past. Bringing this info up while talking to their clients could benefit riders and drivers greatly in the long run.

To the attorneys at Nagelberg Bernard Law Group, bringing awareness to our communities with small gatherings like this is vital. During the holiday season, which becomes more dangerous to riders and drivers everywhere, raising awareness becomes a necessity.

If you’re a motorcycle rider or a driver, remember to avoid drowsy or distracted driving this holiday season. Also, avoid hitting the road without a plan. Know which route you’re taking and what the weather will look like when you get there.

Also, stay prepared for anything by carrying flashlights, blankets, a paper map, extra batteries, and water bottles in your car, especially if you’re traveling up north.

Stay safe.

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