Keep Your Child From Being Exposed To Window Fall Hazards

When looking into the potential issues and hazards that common objects or pieces of furniture can pose to your child, remember that in most cases, accidents can be prevented.

When it comes to windows, safety experts urge parents to stay vigilant and keep in mind that the fall hazard windows pose to children is one of the most common of all. Keeping cribs and furniture away from windows could help to eliminate some of the risks by keeping the child from being able to access the window at any given moment you’re not looking.

Installing window stops and guards can also help to keep the child safe. Stops work by preventing the window from being open more than four inches. In the case of an emergency, however, the stops wouldn’t keep an adult from opening the window entirely.

Screens do not keep children from falling. By having plants or bushes planted directly under windows could also help to avoid severe injuries in the event of a fall. Also, safety experts urge parents to avoid letting their children play near fire escapes or balconies.

By following these tips and making sure that children are always playing under the vigilance of an adult, you ensure your child is safe from a possible injury. Prevent incidents and make sure that household products that could pose a hazard are kept away. Follow this link to read the full article and learn more about he hazards windows can pose.

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