Is The State To Blame For Deadly Bus Vs. Big Rig Accident?

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Drivers, passengers, cyclists, and motorcyclists involved in accidents are often urged to contact a personal injury lawyer precisely because establishing liability can be a tricky business.

Sometimes, the party to blame is the other driver. Sometimes, it’s both parties involved. On other occasions, automakers are responsible for the accident for ignoring safety issues. And sometimes, the city or county is to blame over poor lighting, signaling, or planning.

According to the Los Angeles Times, an accident involving a bus and a big rig that resulted in the deaths of 13 people may have been caused because state workers failed to plan the road closure correctly.

Due to utility work, Interstate 10 had been closed on October 23, 2016. The truck had been stopped in one of the lanes and was not moving because of the work. As traffic resumed, the truck failed to move, remaining in its spot for two minutes because the driver had fallen asleep. According to officials, he had been working illegally all night long, causing him to be sleepy when he had to get back to driving. At the same time, a bus carrying dozens of people was traveling at 76 mph. The bus eventually rear-ended the truck. The driver and twelve others were killed while 30 other passengers were injured.

After an investigation, officials concluded that the California Department of Transportation hadn’t put a proper traffic management plan in action to avoid accidents. As a result, the California Highway Patrol failed to realize that the truck hadn’t started moving.

Since the bus driver didn’t have an advanced warning, he ended up rear-ending the vehicle.

As you can see, government officials can also be responsible for accidents. That’s why it’s important for road working crews to make sure that safety protocols are followed and proper signaling is in place so that similar accidents are avoided.

For more on this horrific traffic accident and how officials may be held liable for this collision, follow this link.

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