Infant Left In Car For 6 Hours Died, Reports Show


The death of a child who was left unattended in a parked car for six hours shook up the nation. Unfortunately for many of us, this type of story is more common than we would like to believe.

An incident involving an infant in Oregon has prompted major safety advocates to come out and urge parents to make sure they understand the risks that leaving their children in the car for long periods of time may entail. According to the reports, the 6-month-old child probably died within the first hour. Safe Kids Worldwide has come up with several campaigns to teach parents about the risks of leaving their children in hot vehicles. But the death of the infant may have not been caused by heat.

According to the authorities, the weather that day wasn’t that bad. The temperature hovered around 70, and a medical examination shows the child may have died over a breathing issue. And while the summer is a couple of months away, parents learning about this tragic story should remember that leaving a child unattended in a car for long periods of car is not only dangerous because the temperature rises easily, but because several issues may present deadly risks to infants.

Accident Prompts Child Safety Advocates To Act

The incident involving the Oregon infant may have not taken place recently, but the circumstances that led to this death continue to remind us of the importance of never allowing a child to be left in a vehicle for long periods of time. According to Safe Kids Worldwide, hundreds of children have been dying after being left in back seats since the late 1990s.

The Oregon incident happened because the child had breathing complications due to her position. According to experts, positional asphyxia may have caused the death.

Unsafe positions may lead to children’s death as much as heat-related problems. Both issues are associated with leaving children in cars for long periods of time. Experts want parents to learn that whether it’s spring or summer, leaving children unattended inside of vehicles can lead to their deaths.

Hundreds of children have died while being left unattended in vehicles in the past decade. If parents do not change their habits, we could have an even more deadly summer in 2015.

Experts urge parents to always make sure they leave their phones or important items in the back seat so they will avoid forgetting the child sleeping in the back seat. Other steps could be followed to make sure that you do not expose your child to serious risks. For more information, follow this link to read the full article.


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