Incidents Prompt Recall Of Egg Incubators

According to the latest reports issued by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, certain hatch egg incubators are being recalled after the company received three reports of fires, which resulted in some property damage.

The federal agency has stated that about 2,500 units of Brower Top Hatch Egg Incubators were equipped with bases that could ignite while the products are being used, which could pose a serious fire hazard to consumers. Units affected by this recall are 12 inches tall and 18 inches in diameter. The devices are made with light gray plastic materials and can be identified by the Model number TH120.

Reports indicate that the products manufactured in the United States and sold across the country between January 2009 and September 2010 are listed under this recall. Consumers with the potentially hazardous device should contact the manufacturer as soon as possible. The federal agency has stated that the company will be shipping a free replacement base to all affected consumers for free.

By following the recall updates issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, you will be able to identify issues with certain products before they pose a risk to you or your loved ones.

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