Hyundai, Subaru Recall Vehicles Over Crash Risks

vehicle recall, crash, accident, personal injuryMultiple news reports have indicated that at least two major automakers have launched auto recalls recently.

Hyundai Motor America recalled all units of the 2015 Genesis sedans manufactured between February and May 2015. According to the reports, the impacted units come with certain TFT-LCD instrument clusters that may end up displaying an incorrect vehicle speed while in use. The device may also illuminate all warning lights at the same time or not illuminate warnings related to issues going on at the time. Either case may cause the driver to ignore potential issues with their vehicles and crashes may occur as a result.

In order to avoid crashes, consumers are being urged to contact Hyundai directly if the company does not contact them until September 30.

The recalled vehicles will have the instrument cluster software updated for free. If you were impacted, do not let this recall pass by. Contact Hyundai directly.

The second recall campaign was launched by Subaru of America. According to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the recalled vehicles include the 2017 Outback vehicles.

The recalled vehicles come with attaching bolts for the front left and right brake calipers, wheel hubs, and the right stabilizer clamps that may have been improperly tightened.

If that’s the case and the bolts become loose, the vehicle may become unstable and the braking capacity is reduced. If that’s the case, crashes may occur. Subaru has announced that all impacted vehicles will be inspected for free. Any loose bolts will be replaced also for free.

Consumers with the recalled vehicles should have been contacted. If you own one of the recalled vehicles and you haven’t been contacted, reach out to Subaru for more details.

Neither of these recalls should be ignored. If one of your vehicles is impacted, do not wait until a crash to happen for you to contact the manufacturer. Schedule a visit to a dealer to have your vehicle repaired, or at least so you can talk to an expert about the issue at hand.

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