Hyundai, Mitsubishi Recalls Tied To Serious Crash, Injury Risks

There are two auto recalls our California readers and clients should not ignore

Accident and injury risks have been associated with these recalls

As personal injury attorneys, we should remind you that when you’re aware of this type of recall and it impacts a vehicle you own and drive regularly, you too could be held liable in the event of an accident. So stay on top of all recalls and have your vehicle repaired promptly as soon as you learn your car has been impacted.

The first recall you should not ignore comes from Hyundai. According to the report, Hyundai has recalled the 2017 Santa Fe vehicles fitted with the 3.3L engines. The crankshaft assemblies in these cars may have been produced with surface irregularities in the part’s pin, as a result, the engine bearing may wear out. If that’s the case, the engine may stall unexpectedly. That’s dangerous if the vehicle is on the move.

The second and most dangerous recall comes from Mitsubishi

The vehicles impacted include over 66,000 units of the 2004 through 2006 Lancer and Lancer Evolution

These vehicles are being recalled for a second time over the presence of faulty front passenger airbag inflators manufactured by Takata. Since these inflators may rupture due to the strong force prompted by the airbag deployment, the airbags represent a major and potentially deadly injury risk to occupants.

Mitsubishi is using a different parts maker to obtain enough remedies to fix all impacted vehicles.

Both recalls are serious and important because they may lead to accidents and, in some cases, major injuries that could be deadly to the driver or other occupants.

Car owners are responsible for their vehicles and should never ignore recalls associated with them. Car makers should also never ignore defects that could put the lives of their consumers in jeopardy. Our law firm has seen too many cases of negligent automakers and drivers ignoring defects that later resulted in major damage, injury, pain, and suffering.

If you were the victim in a car accident caused by a negligent third party, do not hesitate to reach out to us to have your case fully evaluated for free. We’re here to fight for your rights, no matter what.

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