How Much is Your Motorcycle Accident Case Worth?

This is typically the first question that people have when they’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident and are considering pursuing a personal injury claim in order to gain compensation for the damages they’ve incurred.  But that simple question has a pretty complex answer.  Every case is different, entailing numerous factors specific to that case.  And while a secret formula might not exist, there are a few things that a lawyer is likely to take into account on almost every case.


The amount of money that your healthcare is going to cost in the wake of a motorcycle accident should not be underestimated.  Treatment that takes place immediately following an accident should of course be taken into consideration, but so should potential future treatments that you might be forced to endure for the remainder of your life.  A qualified legal representative can use his or her knowledge to gauge how much these treatments might cost over time and get you compensation for that cost.

Lost earnings

Even minor motorcycle accidents typically require the person involved to miss work for a time.  But more serious crashes can leave the victim with serious and debilitating injuries that might very well be permanent.  These disabilities can impede a victim’s ability to maintain their job at pre-accident levels, or it could prevent a person from being able to go back to work entirely.  Thus, the victim might need to file for disability, either partial or total, take a lengthy leave of absence to rehabilitate, or get retrained for an entirely new occupation.  You should be entitled to compensation for these lost wages and fees.

Damage to property

The negligent party owes you for the repair costs of your motorcycle, as well as any gear that was damaged in the wreck or had to be cut away by rescue personnel.  Reimbursement should also be made to damage inflicted on guardrails, telephone poles, other automobiles, and more.

Pain and suffering

While hard to calculate, this factor should nevertheless be taken into consideration.  Any personal injury lawyer worth his or her salt should be able to establish a cost that properly represents the unique and painful experience you’ve had to go through.

Legal fees

You also need to consider the legal costs that will be stacked up while your attorney works diligently to gain you proper compensation.  By factoring in an estimate of these costs from the outset, it becomes easier to ensure that you are getting a settlement amount that is more than just satisfactory.

Figuring out the amount of compensation you’re rightfully entitled to by law can be next to impossible without a qualified personal injury lawyer by your side.  The Nagelberg Bernard Law Group can help you calculate just how much you should be reimbursed for.  Call us today to get started on getting justice for your accident.

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