Have a Healthy, Safe New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year!

The new year is here. And as many of us prepare for the end of the year festivities, we also worry about the important safety steps we must take in order to avoid incidents while keeping the New Year’s Eve party fun. In order to help our readers, we decided to give you an idea of important steps you should take to avoid incidents on the last night of 2015.

Roads Are Crowded, Stay Put

Almost 95 million Americans were expected to be hitting the road between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Traveling to see friends or family members is always important, but the experience should be fun—and safe. If you’re in charge of making sure you and your loved ones make it safe to your destination this holiday, there are several activities you should avoid.

Drinking and driving is the first one to come to mind, but it’s hardly the only potential risk this New Year’s Eve.

Distracted driving and drowsy driving are also dangerous.

When planning your trip, remember that January 1st is the number 1 day of the year with the highest percent of deaths related to alcohol intake. Between the years of 2007 and 2011, 42 percent of all traffic deaths reported during the holiday season  were linked to alcohol.

Drowsy drivers are also a danger to everyone. If you’re too tired to continue driving, pull over to a safe place where you can rest until you’re ready to continue your trip.

Since you can only control what you do behind the wheel, stay alert to what other drivers are doing while on the road as well. Staying alert and avoiding distractions will help you to avoid serious accidents on the last day of the year.

If You Drink, Do So Safely

If you’re going out this New Year’s Eve with friends and you’re planning on doing a lot of drinking, set up a ride back home whether with Uber, Lyft, or a taxi. And while you’re drinking, avoid health problems by always alternating alcoholic beverages with water.

Since alcohol is a diuretic, people consuming large amounts of alcohol will have to urinate more frequently. That will undoubtedly lead to dehydration. In order to avoid any health issues, alternate alcoholic drinks with water.

If you’re serious about avoiding incidents and living through another New Year’s Eve, follow these tips and click here for more.

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