Google Faces New Challenges With Autonomous Car Technology

Multiple news agencies have been reporting that in spite of the efforts of several engineers, Google faces one more obstacle when it comes to making its autonomous car technology available to consumers everywhere: ensuring the system is reliable and 100% safe.

According to a series of news agencies, the company believes that Google’s self-driving technology can improve enough to make vehicles drive themselves in a much safer manner than any human would. The challenge the company now faces is to make the technology flawless while helping regulators to come up with an entire new set of safety standards regarding the technology. The insurance industry will also have a challenge in their hands while assessing how to assign fault once the self-driving vehicle is involved in an accident.

Google’s product management team believes that the improvements to the technology will make this vehicle nearly impossible to crash, which could help the company to make the technology available to consumers in the next five years.

Auto regulators in the country are looking forward to finally see drivers reaping the benefits that could come from having human error out of the equation when it comes to driving. Official reports indicate that 33,000 people die in auto crashes every year and that with the help of the self-driving technology this number could be reduced significantly.

Autonomous car technology has been applied to a series of auto features that are already available to motorists today such as brake assist and crash avoidance features. At this moment, engineers and developers are working together to test this technology on Nevada and California roads in order to perfect the system and make the technology able to respond to any situation while on the road.

With the developing of a better technology, Google hopes to be able to achieve a system that will ensure reliability of the autonomous car. Since the federal agencies overseeing auto safety and design standards would have to research the autonomous vehicle technology and how it would interact in real-world driving scenarios, a whole new set of standards and requirements would have to be developed. Until all parties are ready to work together to make this technology safe, it will not be available to consumers everywhere.

If you believe this technology will be available to drivers everywhere in the near future and you would like to learn more about how it could make roads safer, click here for the full article.

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