Google Car Tech Designed to be ‘Considerate’ Around Bike Riders

bicycle safetySelf-driving technology may be in its infancy, but it isn’t void of responsibility.

According to a series of news reports, the tech and automobile industry may be faced with new challenges as reports concerning the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s probe into Tesla’s Autopilot system hit the news, but Google is not letting this problem affect its research.

Multiple news agencies have reported that Google has been working on making its self-driving vehicle more considerate around bicycles, helping to create a system that puts safety first, especially when it comes to sharing the road with more vulnerable individuals.

The piece of news surfaced after Google released its monthly report on crashes and collisions involving the tech giant’s self-driving cars. While only two incidents involving Google cars were reported this past month, the report helped news organizations identify another detail the public may have not been aware of until now.

According to Google, its vehicles are being designed to recognize cyclists as “unique users of the road” in order to help the system act with the understanding that it’s hard to anticipate their move. As a result, the Google car tech ends up driving more “conservatively” around bicycle riders.

As part of this effort, the company is also making sure the technology recognizes hand signals, especially when riders are getting ready to change lanes or make turns. If the company is successful in developing a system that helps to keep riders safe, the groundbreaking technology could help drivers to avoid countless deaths yearly.

Whether you’re enthusiastic about the self-driving car technology or not, it’s important to keep up with the news regarding this subject, especially if the self-driving revolution will eventually become a popular movement. In the end, even if you do not get onboard with the idea of owning a vehicle that may drive itself, these systems may end up becoming popular with other drivers, and you will eventually encounter these robots on wheels everywhere you go. Unless the companies working on this type of technology are not able to prove their vehicles are safe.

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