GM Wants to Keep Teen Drivers Safe

teen driverDistracted driving is a serious problem for all drivers across the country, but for teen drivers, the problem is much worse.

As parents become more concerned about the role of technology in their children’s lives, companies begin to respond to their needs by developing features that help drivers to monitor their children while they are operating a vehicle.

While many start-ups and global automakers have already been working on this offering this type of service, General Motors has announced that it’s ready to go a step further. Instead of simply offering parents the possibility of keeping track of how their children are driving, GM wants to give parents the choice of installing a system that would compile a touch-screen “report card.” With this report car, parents would be fully aware of how their children use their vehicles. This type of technology could help parents to identify aggressive behavior and other characteristics that could expose children to accident or personal injury risks.

GM wants parents to help children to avoid distractions. Teaching this generation of drivers to avoid distracted driving could make roads safer in the future.

But this new GM technology is currently being added only to Chevrolet Malibu vehicles.

According to GM, the report cards will be visible only to the parents, whose access to the screen will be granted via a personal identification number. Privacy advocates across the country will be happy to learn that the data generated by the service will not be sent to GM servers. Instead, it will be housed in the teen’s car.

GM has reported that the new tech will be part of its vehicles’ standard features. Nevertheless, parents are already able to opt for the upgraded system when purchasing a new Malibu car.

Ford’s MyKey technology has been standard for consumer vehicles since 2013. While the technology developed by Ford does not offer a report car, which does not allow it to go as far as GM’s, parents who purchase Ford vehicles to their teens have the option of learning whether their teens are driving too fast. MyKey sends warnings to parents whenever children are being aggressive while behind the wheel, but it also alerts teens they should buckle up the moment they seat behind the wheel. The technology will also block the teen’s phones from receiving calls, which helps teens to avoid distracted driving accidents.

If you’re a parent or you know a parent who’s worried about their children’s driving habits, read more about GM’s efforts to make roads safer by clicking here.

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