GM Announces More Deaths Linked to Its Major Recall

Until not too long ago, General Motors had reported at least 19 confirmed deaths in accidents caused by the ignition switch problem that later led to a major auto recall affecting over 2.6 million cars.

The recall, which was issued earlier this year, was reportedly issued 10 years too late. The issues related with the ignition switches had been associated with several accidents that had not been investigated in a decade. The failures regarding the lack of attention to the accidents and the patterns have amounted to a series of accidents that, unfortunately, led to fatalities. The company has been grilled by critics over their failure to address the issues when they learned about them, but have also been tough on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for never initiating a probe into this issue after the first reports were registered.

According to a recent announcement, the number of confirmed deaths linked to the recalled vehicles went from 19 to 23. The accidents that led to these deaths were involved with vehicles affected by the ignition switches that fail to hold their position, making engine shutdowns more likely to occur, thus increasing the risk of a major accident.

As of last Friday, at least 23 death claims linked to the ignition issue had been confirmed, along with 16 claims related to crashes that led to serious personal injury.

Since august, 1,867 claims have been registered with the company. They involve serious injuries and deaths as well and are all allegedly related to the ignition switch problem. Since the unexpected engine shutdown may cause the air bag module to stop working, drivers and passengers could suddenly be exposed to major personal injury risks. Out of all claims submitted to the firm taking care of the complaints, 153 are directly linked to fatalities.

GM has announced that while this recall campaign involves millions of vehicles, it has been working tirelessly to change processes that have led to the problems in the first place. According to the report, eligible death claims should receive at least $1 million in compensation.

You may read more about the increased number of death claims related to the major GM recall by following this link.

As a personal injury lawyer, I encourage car owners who are affected by recalls to act promptly to avoid accidents when they learn their vehicles have been recalled. Ignoring recalls can lead to deadly crashes so do not wait until you’re injured to act.


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