Glendale Truck Accident Lawyer

Glendale Truck Accident Attorney

You might not be aware of this, but Glendale big rig or truck accidents often result in injuries. And in many cases, they are unfortunately deadly. As most trucks are large in size and often heavy, accidents are frequently serious, and people are sent to the hospital with injuries that may even be permanent or fatal.

Nagelberg Bernard Law Firm’s Glendale truck accident attorneys understand that victims of truck accidents are frequently seriously injured — and at times for life. As such, the medical costs will amount to a great deal of unpaid bills as many victims lose wages.

If your Glendale truck crash was caused by a negligent driver or if the truck experienced equipment failure, the employer could eventually be held liable. That’s why you need the help of our attorneys, who have over 30 years of experience in the field, and who are ready to stand up to the Goliath on your behalf.

When it comes to Glendale truck crashes, here are some of the most common causes:

  • Drunk, intoxicated driving
  • Drowsy truck motorists who are sleep-deprived
  • Distracted, careless, or reckless driving
  • Insufficient truck maintenance, tire failure
  • Carrying loads that are too heavy
  • Carrying loads that aren’t sufficiently secured
  • Jackknifing
  • Out-of-date, unreliable equipment

Our Glendale truck accident lawyers want to hear from anyone who was a victim in a truck accident. We want to work with you to find out whether the party at fault was negligent so we can determine whether the employer can be held liable.

If you, Glendale resident, were a victim in a truck or big rig accident, you should never be left alone. Dealing with big companies and their insurers as your medical bills pile up isn’t easy, and they will take advantage of you. Only with an experienced Glendale attorney on your side will you be able to to get the compensation you deserve.

Glendale Truck Accident Victims, Let Us Help

Many victims of truck accidents suffer serious consequences, including injuries that last a lifetime. Others, lose their lives, kleaving behind hurt loved ones who are unsure of how to cover for all expenses. We know that to navigate the intricate hallways of justice so that you get the compensation you deserve is hard, so you need someone who has recovered millions to their clients over the years on your side. Our attorneys want you to be compensated for the lost wages, pain, and suffering as well as all the debt incurred due to the accident.

Andt if you believe that you cannot afford the best attorneys at your side, think again. Anyone who contacts Nagelberg Bernard Law Firm’s truck accident attorneys will obtain a free, no obligation consultation as soon as they call us. And once you become our truck accident client, a charge will only be applied if we have recovered you the compensation you deserve, so don’t waste any more time.

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