Fosamax Femur Fracture Warning

Studies Have Shown That Fosamax® Has Been Linked to Femur Fractures

After the FDA conducted a safety review of Fosamax and its association with femur fractures, the FDA issued its warning and reached out to the makers of Fosamax; Merk. Sixteen months later in March, 2010 the company issued a warning in its Fosamax drug package insert to include the new “adverse events.” Many medical and legal experts think it took the company too long to respond to the femur fracture warnings. Then, on October 13, 2010, the FDA also attempted to warn patients and health care providers about the risk of an atypical thigh bone fracture that is associated with Fosamax and a few other biophosphonate osteoporosis medications.

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What is Fosamax?

Fosamax (alendronate) is a drug given to postmenopausal women to prevent bone breaks and fractures. It’s an extremely popular drug and is even being prescribed to women who might get osteoporosis as opposed to actually having osteoporosis. Fosamax is classified in a type of drugs called bisphosphonates. These types of drugs work by interfering with the normal sequence of bone formation and bone degradation in the body. In addition to Fosamax, bisphosphonates include: Actonel, Boniva, and Reclast.

Why Is A Fosamax Associated Femur Fracture Serious?

The femur (the thighbone) is one of the strongest bones in the body and having it break is a life changing experience. When the type of fracture linked to Fosamax occurs, it does not take an abnormal circumstance or event for the break to happen. Also, the bone will not be able to properly heal because of the “bone death” associated with the fracture itself. This makes the surgery to repair the fracture very complicated. Chances are that victims will never walk the same again and be in contant pain. In some cases, normal daily activities will be made difficult which can also lead to a victim not being able to work.

Do I Have A Good Fosamax Lawsuit?

While there are two major indicators that you or a loved one has a good case against the makers of Fosamax (femur fracture and extended use of Fosamax) the only way for you to truly find out is to call an experienced personal injury lawyer.

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