Former UK Defense Minister Fitted With ASR Hips To Sue DePuy

Multiple international news agencies have reported that the UK’s defense minister has reportedly suffered serious adverse reactions that have been linked a DePuy’s ASR hip implant he received in 2006.

This doesn’t come as a surprise given the fact that thousands of patients are now suing Johnson & Jonson over health issues related to the defective and recalled ASR hip implants.

The reports show that the former Armed Forces Minister and war veteran was fitted with the metal ASR hip implant in 2006 and that since then, doctors reported the formation of a tumor in the top of his leg. Media outlets have indicated that since the implant was finalized, he has complained of pain and difficulty to stand for long periods of time, which are problems linked to the all metal device. Test results show that the metal-on-metal hip implant has been proved to wear out and result in the spreading of poisonous metal ions into the patient’s bloodstream and tissue, which could be dangerous over time.

The minister is one of the tens of thousands of patients who were fitted with the metal implant manufactured by DePuy, a Johnson & Johnson company. The devices were recalled due to clinical needs, according to the company. Since the recall, multiple patients complained of pain and tissue damage, which led to a series of revision surgeries. According to the reports, health watchdog agencies have claimed that patients fitted with the metal hip implant should ensure their own safety by undergoing annual checks in order to verify if the implant had caused any adverse effects.

The former minister has reported that he’s in contact with his lawyers to know more about what he can do in order to have this issue addressed by the company. According to the minister’s doctors, the tumor he developed is related to the metal implant.

According to several news agencies, a spokesperson for DePuy has reported that the company regrets that the device has caused so many problems to so many patients and is willing to address medical costs associated with the ASR hip recall.

In the United States, the Johnson & Johnson is facing over 10,000 lawsuits related to the ASR hip implants. The second lawsuit is being tried in Illinois. Thousands of patients across the world were fitted with the defective hip implant. Many have had to undergo revision surgeries in order to have the device removed.

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