Ford, Mercedes Benz Develop Safety Technologies Available In New Cars

According to a recent article, vehicles have been equipped with multiple technologically advanced safety systems and devices that have been making the lives of drivers everywhere much more enjoyable.

Reports indicate that in spite of the vehicle’s price tag, automakers have been developing technology that offers all consumers a safer and much more productive lifestyle. Experts decided to explore some of the most groundbreaking safety technologies in order to come up with a list of 2013 and 2014 vehicles that should be getting the consumer’s attention.

If you’re looking for a safer vehicle in 2013, consider looking into what Ford has been doing with its 2014 Fiesta model. According to experts, Ford has decided to equip the new Ford Fiesta with MyKey technology, which is the first time a Fiesta model is equipped with the system. Reports indicate that MyKey can be programmed by parents in order to keep tabs on how their teens are driving. Vehicles with the MyKey technology will not be allowed to go above a pre-set speed limit, which can be selected up to 80 mph. This could help to ease the worries of some parents when it comes to allowing their kids to hit the road.

The technology also allows parents to pre-set the sound system’s volume in order to keep their children from being distracted by loud music. The technology also keeps the driver from starting the car until all occupants have their seat belts on.

The technology will keep certain systems like the traction control from being deactivated by the driver. The fuel warning light will also become illuminated sooner at 75 miles to depletion of fuel instead of 50 miles, which would keep the driver from facing stalling issues since the teen motorist would be prone to find a gas station quicker and would not wait until when it’s too late to do so.

Safety experts have also indicated that other automakers like Mercedes-Benz have been working on different types of technologies to make cars safer like the system known as DISTRONIC PLUS, which uses Steering Assist to keep the driver safe by taking the steer from the driver and putting it back on course if the vehicle leaves its lane.

The technology uses cameras and sensors the 2014 S-Class is equipped with to monitor the vehicle’s course and the road ahead in order to take the steering if needed. The technology will also be able to determine whether the driver took hold of the wheel, which will deactivate the steering assist function.

For more details on the newest safety technologies, click here to read the full report.

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