Flu Outbreak Widens Across The Country

According to recent articles, the flu outbreak that has been talked about nationwide has widened recently, which has started to worry some federal agencies.

Reports indicate that recent statistics show that the national flu epidemic has affected more people this year than last. Over 600,000 people have fallen ill with the flu and more than a dozen people have died as a result of the epidemic. Up to this moment, about 44 states have reported flu cases, including cases that resulted in fatalities. According to reports issued by hospitals treating patients with the flu, the number of people going to the hospital for treatment of their flu symptoms has more than doubled in the past months.

Last year, 70 cases of flu were confirmed in Boston. About 700 cases in the city alone have been reported this year. Across the state, 18 patients died as a result of the flu.

According to the Boston Public Health Commission, the number of cases have doubled in the last couple of weeks. According to the agency, there may be an explosion of flu in the city of Boston if the number of cases continues to grow. Officials are urging the population to get vaccinated in order to prevent further complications. In Pennsylvania, about 100 patients with flu-like symptoms are being treated every day. According to one nurse, local hospitals need a full-functioning emergency department just for the community due to the growing flu cases.  Although the vaccine is reportedly effective in about 60 to 70 percent of the cases, this year’s vaccine doesn’t seem to be able to be effective when it comes to preventing a specific strain.

Scientists say that even though the vaccine is not always effective, it could prevent certain deadly complications including pneumonia.

One of the strains of flu that has been spreading in the past weeks has been categorized as influenza B, which the vaccine does not cover. In multiple areas, hospitals and clinics are running low on the vaccines.

The number of cases of flu varies significantly every year. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that in this season, the number of cases has proven to be moderate to severe.  If you fear you could be exposed to the virus, go to a hospital or clinic that offers the vaccine as soon as possible. Stay safe and avoid being in contact with those who have been showing symptoms of the flu.

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