FedEx Driver Involved in Crash That Injured CHP Officer

Over the weekend, news reports covered a series of auto crashes. In many occasions, injuries were reported. Unfortunately for the victims, many of these crashes could have been prevented.

According to several news sources, an accident that may have sent a California Highway Patrol officer to the hospital took place this past weekend. The crash is still under investigation.
According to a series of reports, a big rig truck crashed into a CHP officer and his vehicle while on the eastbound lanes of Highway 50. Several reports claim that the driver was reportedly under the influence of a controlled substance at the time of the crash.

Official reports indicate that the FedEx driver involved in the accident stopped after the accident. He was later arrested due to the accident.
At the time of the accident, the officer had been investigating a hit-and-run accident. Moments after he arrived at the scene, the FedEx truck crashed into the man standing outside of his vehicle. The victim was injured and rushed to the hospital with major injuries. No other injuries were reported.

After the tragic crash, FedEx released a statement claiming that the company is committed to putting safety first at all times. According to the company, FedEx is cooperating with the investigation.

While the CHP claims the driver may have been under the influence, the investigation is still underway. More reports on the current health state of the victim and the factors that led to the crash should be available soon.

Drivers who are concerned about their safety should keep in mind that driving under the influence of any type of alcohol or drugs, even if they are prescription drugs, might lead to serious accident risks. Before hitting the road after taking prescription drugs, make sure that the side effects do not include impairments that could make you more likely to being involved in an auto crash.

Truck and large vehicle drivers should stay alert to important road sharing rules. Instead of allowing impairment to put your life and the lives of others in danger, avoid sitting behind the wheel if the prescription drugs you rely on are not safe for drivers.

For more on this tragic crash, watch the video below or click here.

To be a better and safe driver, make sure to keep in mind that any kind of impairment is risky to you and others. Do not hit the road if you’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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