FDA Recalls Bread Over Presence Of Wire Fragments

Multiple media outlets reported that the Food and Drug Administration has initiated a recall in order to ensure that all units of Earthgrains 12 Grain Natural Bread and Sara Lee 12 Grain Bread Hearty & Delicious Bread have been recalled in all states after it was noted that these products could contain flexible wire fragments. According to the firm, these products may have been contaminated because of the flour used in the product may have been produced in a mill with a faulty screen.

Products manufactured and distributed by Sara Lee currently sold across the country have not been affected by this recall, however, products mentioned previously may still be in the possession of consumers. If you have any of these breads in your home, take the product to the place of purchase for a full refund as quickly as possible.

BBU, Inc., the main company linked to Bimbo Bakeries, responsible for the manufacturing of Sara Lee products has reported that no incidents linked to their products have been reported so far. They are working with distributors to keep affected products from being sold. If you’re ever affected by a recall, act quickly to prevent incidents.

For the full recall announcement and more details on this issue, follow this link.

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