Facility Linked To Beef Recall Inspected By Federal Agents

According to a series of news agencies, Canadian food safety inspectors have learned about more problems with the factories run by XL Foods, Inc. since the company has decided to resume operations.

Reports show that the company was at the center of a huge beef recall in the past that was linked to several cases of E. coli-related illnesses. Now, federal inspectors have reported they have found issues with the plant that included problems with inadequate clearing of meat-cutting areas, condensation on the facility’s pipes located at the tripe room, water maintained in an inadequate temperature in a sanitizer and lack of proper usage of sanitizing solutions.

The federal agency is now issuing a report stating that the company is working with the agency on a long-term plan that will address the issues with the factory’s facilities to ensure future products are safe.

Products manufactured by the factory are being held by the CFIA until they are certain the items are completely safe for consumption.

It’s important to keep in mind that contaminated food must be destroyed or returned to the place of purchase at once. Be safe from possible illnesses and ensure your family is safe by following recall news closely.

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