Erratic Driver Causes Two-Vehicle Accident, Injuries Reported

According to a series of local news sources, a crash that happened on Sunday resulted in a tied up traffic on Highway 12.

The accident happened when a driver made an unsafe turn and ended up traveling against the oncoming traffic on the westbound lanes of the Highway 12. According to the authorities, a woman driver ended up getting behind the vehicle to avoid a collision, however, the vehicle turned abruptly. According to one witness account, the driver was spotted driving the vehicle in an erratic way just before it drove in front of the second car. The female motorist crashed into another vehicle on the westbound lanes as a result. The woman involved in the accident sustained serious injuries.

The erratic driver who caused the accident left the scene of the occurrence. The California Highway Patrol is now investigating this accident and asking witnesses to contact them with any information regarding the driver who fled the scene.

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