Driver Tries To Break Traffic Rules With ‘Chucky’ Doll In Passenger Seat

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It’s not every day that you see a driver trying to break traffic rules with the help of a “Chucky” doll.

According to the California Highway Patrol in Contra Costa County, a driver had placed a Chucky doll in the passenger seat and was trying to use the carpool lane. The doll had been buckled up to the car seat.

Officials shared the image of the doll on social media, showing drivers that not even the most creative ideas will get them out of a ticket.

California drivers who use the carpool lane illegally and are caught are stuck with a $491 ticket whether they like it or not.

If you are driving solo and you cannot afford to get a ticket, do not break the rules.

Road rules matter because they help to keep us safe by helping us to avoid accidents. While this incident in particular did not result in any crashes or injuries, many drivers will try to take advantage of certain rules by trying to come up with creative ways out. Still, accidents may happen when you break rules. Arriving fast at your destination should not be your goal. Safety, however, should always be a priority.

If you ever see  driver breaking the rules do not hesitate. Contact law enforcement and report the problem. Especially if the driver in question appears intoxicated or is driving recklessly.

As personal injury attorneys, we have seen many accidents involving drivers who were breaking the rules, speeding, driving recklessly, being distracted, or intoxicated. While we understand that this reality is difficult to change completely overnight, drivers must help one another by doing all in their power to avoid collisions.

Be a safe driver by staying focused, avoiding collisions, and never driving while intoxicated.

For more on this incident involving “Chucky,” follow this link.

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