Driver Killed In Accident Near Maricopa

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All too often, auto accidents that happen in California are not reported. As a result, many drivers end up thinking that the number of auto accidents taking place in the state is actually lower. They go about their days not caring about being another number as they believe that nothing could happen to them.

Unfortunately, many accidents happen because drivers are oblivious or distracted. Others happen because drivers ignore road rules. In any case, the scary high number of accidents being reported regularly makes us wonder whether drivers are forgetting that they must be responsible for their vehicle and how they handle them. After all, cars can turn into weapons due to their size and potential impact risk due to how fast they can go.

An accident that happened Friday was brought to our attention after the California Highway Patrol reported that one of the people involved had died.

According to the CHP, two cars crashed just before 2 p.m. just west of Elkhorn Grade Road in Maricopa, CA.

The driver of a 2003 Hyundai sedan did not try to get back into his lane after he started passing. He then allowed his vehicle to crash with a second vehicle, spraying debris onto other vehicles. One of the cars was completely collapsed, the CHP reported.

While we’re not sure what exactly happened prior to the accident and what factors played a role, we understand that at least one of the vehicles was trying to pass another when the collision took place.

Drivers must beware that all too often, trying to pass a vehicle is not only impossible due to certain road conditions, but also deadly.

Lane changing is also risky as many drivers may not look before moving over, so there might be vehicles lurking in drives’ blind spot and accidents may occur as a result.

While we understand that, too often, accidents happen because drivers are not alert, some accidents may also be caused by fatigue or even equipment failure. Even the most competent and careful of drivers may get caught in one of these circumstances.

We hope that authorities are able to identify what happened prior to this accident to have prompted it to happen. We also hope that the victim’s loved ones and family members are getting the support they require in this time of pain.

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