Dolan NW Recalls Burien Floor Lamps

According to recent reports, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has stated that all units of the Burien Floor Lamps have been recalled by Dolan Northwest LLC over a possible fire hazard.

The reports and other publications show that the federal agency decided to issue this recall after the firm discovered these floor lamps were equipped with on/off foot switches that could fail and melt as a result.

This issue could result in a fire, which could eventually expose the consumers to a possible shock risk. The firm knows of three incidents associated with melting switches, including one that resulted in property damage.

Consumers are being asked to stop using the floor lamps and unplug the product. Contact the importer as soon as possible and ask about the replacement lamp affected consumers are entitled to obtain in return.

Too often, defective and dangerous products cause incidents and injuries before recall announcements are issued by the manufacturer or federal agencies. Prevent injuries and incidents and keep your loved ones by staying on top of all recall announcements and responding to a recall alert that affects you promptly.

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