Dog Attacks More Common in the Summer, Stay Safe

dog bite, dog attackDog attacks are common year round, but when the sun is out and people are frequently seen outside, taking part in outdoor activities, they tend to happen more frequently.

According to specialists in the animal control field, dogs are also taken outside more often during the summertime, making incidents more likely to happen. And while many incidents happen because dogs that aren’t supposed to be allowed outside end up getting more outdoor time in the summertime, other incidents happen with dogs that are otherwise very friendly and even familiar to the victim.

If you will be around a lot of dogs this summer, experts say you should keep an eye out for signs that the animal is getting ready to attack. And if you have children, make sure to teach them to stay alert to the signs as well.

If dogs nearby are yawning, scratching, shaking, licking, or fidgeting, they may be getting stressed. And a stressed dog will surely be more likely to attack.

In hot weather, experts explain, dogs become more stressed. And when it comes to food, they may become vicious. If you’re a parent and you have your children near dogs, stay alert the entire time. In the event a dog hanging out nearby is showing you some signs of stress and our child doesn’t know how to handle dogs, take the child from the area immediately.

The best way a parent can protect their child is by staying alert at all times. To prevent an incident, parents with pets should change the scenery if the dog is too agitated. Take the pet away from people or other dogs, and keep them on a leash at all times.

When it comes to being in public with the dog, make sure to tell individuals who want to pet your dog that they should do so properly. Remain calm around dogs and do not approach them, let them approach you. If you’re unfamiliar with a dog, do not hug them since they may feel threatened. Also, avoid raising your hand above the pet’s head. Let the dog sniff your hand and reach out for the dog’s chin. Dogs will feel more comfortable if they can see what you’re doing.

If you are pet owner, a parent, or just a curious individual who’s concerned about the potential risks associated with dog bites, you should follow this link, or watch the video below, to learn more.


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