Does the Google Car Tech Fail Frequently?

GoogleCarMany safety advocates argue that the best way to put an end to car crash risks is to embrace the self-driving technology.

They claim that companies like Google, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Audi, Delphi, Tesla, Nissan, and Bosch are developing autonomous technologies that would put an end to human error, the number one factor in most auto crashes across the country.

Eliminating human error from the equation could secure the driver and other occupants.

But while self-driving technology proponents are excited to make sure the human error factor is obliterated, critics suggest that the technology may not be foolproof. And if the driver is not alert and ready to take over, crashes may take place due to the system’s failure.

According to recent reports, most carmakers and tech companies developing self-driving cars in California submitted what many call “disengagement reports” to the California Department of Motor Vehicle. With these reports in hands, a series of reporters looked at the number of incidents associated with the system malfunctioning to answer the question: does the Google self-driving car tech ever fail?

The answer is yes. But not that often when compared to others.

The reports show that when it comes to the technology failing and requiring a human to take over, the tech giant reported 272 instances in which a glitch with the system required the driver to take over. The company has put the most autonomous car miles when compared to its competitors and yet, reporters say, it still presented fewer errors than Volkswagen,

According to Google, most of the disengagements are a part of the testing phase. After the reports were made public, Google claimed that the majority of the instances were considered to be routine. The average response time was 0.84 seconds.

While Google wants to focus on making sure that disengagements are minimized, incidents may still happen every now and then. That’s why drivers involved with the self-driving car tech tests should always be trained to use the technology and know exactly how to react in the event of an emergency.

If you’re curious to know more about the disengagements and how companies are working to avoid incidents, follow this link to read more.

If you’re a self-driving car enthusiast, knowing more about the technology and how it could help to keep you and others safe, you may watch this video put together by Google to learn more about how the technology works.

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