Doctor Leaves Sixteen Items Inside Of Patient During Surgery

According to several news agencies, a 74-year-old man was the victim of a medical error. Reports show that the man, while going under a routine surgery in 2009, ended up having his wounds stitched before the doctor removed sixteen items that had been left inside of his body.

Some of the items included a piece of surgical mask, swabs, a needle and a s six-inch roll of bandage. The man was rushed to the hospital after a nurse who was visiting him at his residence noticed a gauze pad bulging out from one of his wounds. The man went under another procedure to have the items removed. Although he survived the surgery, he later died after his cancer spread.

The family of the victim is now seeking $121,000 from the hospital in compensation for the medical error. The name of the hospital involved in this case was not mentioned by the media outlets covering this story.
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