Distracted Driving On The Rise: That Means More Crashes

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According to the California Highway Patrol, distracted driving has been on the rise. And we all know that that means: More car crashes everywhere.

That’s why professionals like us who are familiar with the loss of life, pain, and suffering many go through as a result of distracted driving and other negligent actions are concerned about the recent developments.

In order to help our clients and readers to make California safer, we are urging motorists to avoid crashes and other serious accidents by making sure that they are not distracted — ever.

According to the CHP, officers are teaming up with a local Assemblyman in order to remind drivers that their eyes should be on the road at all times. And as attorneys, we support their initiative and hope to help others to learn about the importance of staying focused to avoid a distracted driving car crash.

On Monday, CHP officials held a press conference to remind drivers that to be a safe driver, they must always follow traffic safety laws, have their seat belts on, and put their cell phones away the minute they sit behind the wheel. In 2016, reports show that 7.6 percent of all drivers across the Golden state were distracted by an electronic device. That’s unfortunate as it represents a greater than 2 percent increase from the year before.

Public awareness and education will help to bring the number of cases of distracted driving down. But it won’t happen overnight. Until then, drivers who are serious about their safety and the safety of their loves ones should do all in their power to put an end to distracted driving.

If you are a parent, talk to your teenager about the importance of focusing on the road ahead at all times. Do not jeopardize your safety or the safety of your loved ones by not explaining to your children that driving is a responsibility they should not ignore. Teens and young, inexperienced drivers are more likely to being involved in distracted driving accidents. So act promptly bu letting your children know about the importance of driving safely at all times.

We congratulate the CHP on this effort and hope all drivers will take heed.

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