Distracted Driving Crash Claims One Life

Tragic auto accidents happen almost every day across the country. Unfortunately, they have been happening more frequently due to distracted driving.

According to a series of news reports, a distracted driving accident that happened in Minnesota has claimed at least one life. The crash involved a 20-year-old whose vehicle crossed the lanes of traffic while traveling on the northbound lanes of Highway 92. The vehicle drove into the southbound ditch, which cause it to go airborne before it fell into a parked Ford Fusion. The driver who was inside the Ford vehicle was killed in the crash.

The 20-year-old was injured and sent to the hospital. His injuries weren’t serious.

According to the authorities investigating the accident, evidence suggests that the 20-year-old driver may have been distracted moments before the crash.

Local officers investigating the accident claim this is a tragic reminder of how important it is for us to always focus on the road and on the act of driving, regardless of how important you believe other activities are.

To those who use their phones while behind the wheel, this report should serve as a reminder that their phones should always be either off or out of reach while you’re behind the wheel. When you split your attention between the road and another activity, you’re more likely to be involved in an accident because your response time is restricted. When drivers are fully focused, they see what is going on ahead and they are able to act in order to avoid accidents because they notice there’s an issue ahead of time.

In Minnesota, where this tragic crash took place, reports show that at least 50 people have died in auto crashes tied to distracted driving in the first months of 2016. If this trend continues, distracted driving will be a more deadly activity than drinking and driving across the country.

Motorists who are serious about their safety and the safety of their loved ones should keep in mind that any type of distraction isn’t welcomed once they sit behind the wheel of their vehicle. If you have an important call to make or message to send, pull over to a safe place so you can rest assured that the attention you are going to dedicate to your phone won’t put your life—and the lives of many others—in danger.

For more on this tragic accident, follow this link or watch the video below.

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