Did Elton John’s Dog Bite A Little Girl? Her Mom Says Yes

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It’s not always that you hear of a dog bite incident in Los Angeles or anywhere else that involves a celebrity. Unfortunately, every now and then, one of these attacks occurs and they often impact defenseless victims.

According to a series of news reports, singer and songwriter Elton John’s dog was allegedly involved in a dog bite incident. And according to these reports, at least one child ended up suffering some scratches to her face as a result, according to her mother.

John, whose dog is a spaniel, reportedly nipped at a 5-year-old during a play date. She was playing with John’s sons at his mansion when the dog allegedly attacked. The girl’s mom says that the child went back home with scratches. She was shocked, the mother said. According to news reports, the child had to go through counselling but hasn’t been contacted by John.

Any child would be terrified after experiencing such an incident. Dog bite attacks can be dangerous and they often occur in familiar settings. And more often than not, the victims are often children.

While the reports haven’t been confirmed as there was no official police involvement or anything of the sort, we cannot say for sure what happened. Still, we hope that if this incident indeed took place, the child in question is being able to recover fully and quickly.

As Los Angeles dog bite attorneys, we have seen countless incidents just like this one. Unfortunately, many victims are not as lucky as this young girl. After all, dog bite injuries can be serious, deep, and they often require painful surgeries. The treatment afterwards can also be extensive.

We hope pet owners learn from this case so similar incidents don’t happen elsewhere. We also hope to see more information on this story as the details remain murky and unconfirmed.

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