Defibrillators Recalled, Products Could Fail To Deliver Therapy

Several news reports show that HeartSine Technologies decided to recall certain defibrillators over an issue that could affect the device’s ability to perform the way it’s designed to. If the devices do not perform well, patients who are experiencing a cardiac arrest could be at risk.

According to the federal agency, Samaritan® 300/300P PAD defibrillators were found to turn on and off in an intermittent manner, which could eventually use up all of the device’s battery and render it unusable in case a patient is experiencing a cardiac arrest. According to the company, the devices were equipped with battery management software that could misread a temporary drop in battery voltage and proceed to turn the system off.

The company has asked health care providers with the Samaritan 300/300P PADs manufactured between August 2004 and December of 2010 to contact them at once.

For more on this recall, click here for the full report.

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