Deadly Wrong Way Crash Reported, 3 People Dead

wrong way crashA tragic auto crash involving a motorist who drove the wrong way unfortunately led to three deaths. The reports come from the California Highway Patrol, and it has been covered by a series of news organizations.

According to the multiple news sources, three people were killed in an auto crash caused by a driver who traveled the wrong way while on State Route 126. The incident, which happened early Sunday, happened when the wrong-way driver collided with another vehicle carrying two people. None of the individuals involved in the crash survived their injuries.

After the tragic crash, the road was closed for several hours in order to allow law enforcement to investigate the scene of the crime.

While the factors that put the driver in the wrong way on State Route 126 weren’t revealed, it’s important to note that driving carefully, and paying attention to the road ahead, may help you to avoid similar incidents.

All too often, drivers are distracted by their navigation devices, putting them directly in harm’s way. If you are able to focus on the road and the act of driving, you will ensure your own safety while also looking out for others who are sharing the road with you.

We hope the authorities are working hard on identifying the factor that led to this crash so others learn from this driver’s mistakes. Many accidents are often ignored or neglected by other drivers. Learning about the factors leading up to these tragedies may help others make better decisions.

For more on this case, follow this link for the full report.

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