After Deadly Outbreak, Consumer Reports Urges Californians Not To Eat Lettuce

Food safety is a serious business. Whenever we learn of food items or products that may pose a serious and even deadly risk to consumers, we do everything in our power to alert our readers and clients about it.

According to a series of news reports, food experts at Consumer Reports have alerted consumers across several states, including California, that at least 58 people have become ill after eating romaine lettuce.

Reports show that at least one person in the United States and another person in Canada died after becoming infected with a strain of E. coli 0157: H7. While neither the Food and Drug Administration nor the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have been able to find the source of this infection, Consumer Reports are urging consumers to avoid consuming lettuce. According to them, 58 people fell ill in at least 13 states.  They are Washington, California, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, New Hampshire, Nebraska, New York, Ohio, Virginia, Vermont, and Pennsylvania.

In Canada, health officials were able to identify the contamination and trace it back to romaine lettuce. The outbreak has already claimed lives and while Canadian officials have alerting consumers about the risk associated with lettuce since Dec. 14, in the United States officials have yet to announce the results of their own investigations into this matter.

To experts at Consumer Reports, what matters is that at least they are making this announcement so, hopefully, fewer people will be impacted by the infection.

According to these experts, since the lettuce is eaten raw, the item can be extremely dangerous.

E. coli can be deadly to children, the elderly, and other individuals with a compromised immune system.

Experts behind this recommendation are also urging the federal agencies tasked with investigating this outbreak to report on the findings from the Canadian health officials so that fewer people are exposed to the problem.

Consumer Reports are urging you to discard and uneaten romaine lettuce you may have in your fridge and to avoid eating the item at restaurants until further notice.

While no details regarding this particular outbreak have been shared, we sincerely hope that officials are able to identify the source of this outbreak. Otherwise, Consumers may end up getting sicker and sicker, putting countless individuals in major risk.

For more information on this outbreak and on what Consumer Reports is saying, follow this link.

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