Cyclist Killed In Accident During Tour De Palm Springs

bicycle accident

A horrific accident involving a bicycle rider and a vehicle took the life of the rider this past Saturday, reports show. Unfortunately, the California Highway Patrol has claimed that the horrific accident happened when the vehicle, which was going at 100 mph, struck the rider at about 9:20 am.

The rider was declared dead at the scene.

The crash, which took place near Indio Hills in Coachella Valley, also injured two other cyclists. One who was in serious condition and another one who sustained serious injuries. The riders were riding in the 100-mile Tour de Palm Springs.

The driver allegedly involved in the accident, a 21-year-old, was reportedly arrested about half-mile away from the scene of the accident. According to the reports, the driver had a suspended license and at 100 miles per hour.

CHP officials who are investigating this accident claim that the driver was being reckless.

The accident happened when the driver, who was allegedly driving recklessly, traveled over the double yellow lines on eastbound Dillon Road. As a result, the vehicle hit the westbound side and then the driver lost control of the vehicle, which spun into the eastbound lane and then hit the cyclists.

In the same event in 2014, another cyclist lost his life.

Drivers are urged to keep in mind that they must be attentive while sharing the road with bicycle riders. Unfortunately, recklessness and negligence are often factors in accidents. And since bicycle riders are more likely to being injured in accidents because of how vulnerable they are, drivers should remember that they must act accordingly.

We are saddened that this accident happened during such a great event. Riders must be respected and this type of accident should never occur. Negligent and reckless drivers must pay for their mistakes. If you’re a driver, remember how this accident happened and avoid being involved in a similar collision.

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