Customer Sues Restaurant Over Salmonella Case

Recent cases involving salmonella have been concerning an entire community in Southern California.

The reports show that, in Westlake Village, a diner has been associated with at least 21 cases of salmonella. At least two of these cases involved diner employees.

But while the cases are finally being discussed by the media and locals, Ventura County health officials never warned the public about the potential dangers, even as inspectors investigated the salmonella cases and their association with the diner.

Reports have indicated that during the ongoing investigation, health inspectors are not required to notify the public about the potential risks. In spite of the fact the salmonella-related cases happened between April and August of 2014, consumers are only now learning about the association with the Westlake Village deli.

At the time, the Ventura Country Environmental Health director claims, the agency is looking into the possibility of notifying the public about the danger. Until more details about the salmonella cases and the illnesses are unveiled, it’s still hard to know what caused the problem.

Consumer Who Fell Ill Due To Salmonella Contamination Files Lawsuit

According to local reports, one deli customer who fell ill after being exposed to the organism was severely sick as a result. After talking to doctors, they told him they were afraid he had contracted Ebola. Thankfully for the customer, he was suffering from a serious case of food poisoning, not the deadly virus.

Several customers are now being represented by an attorney. At least one Salmobandeauperson who got sick after eating at the diner has already filed a lawsuit against the restaurant. According to the suit, the restaurant and its owner, the rights and the safety of their customers were never observed.

Many believe these are not the first cases of food poisoning tied to the restaurant. According to another investigation, the company has been associated with other cases of salmonella since 2007.

After several visits carried out by health officials, the company finally closed for one day to have a third party sterilizing the location. According to the restaurant’s current owner, the restaurant is safe and customers shouldn’t be afraid of being exposed to salmonella.

Until the investigation is finalized, we are not able to identify the root of the problem. Until then, consumers are urged to stay alert and on top of the news for more details on the possible risks associated with the potential for salmonella risks.

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