Could Google Glass Pose A Distraction Risk To Drivers?

Multiple news agencies have reported that Google Glass could be subject to distracted driving laws, since the device may pose a distraction risk to drivers.

According to the reports, some fans of the new device may be subject to strict distracted driving laws soon since an extension of the texting while driving law could be covering the use of the device in the near future. A bill has been recently introduced to add the Google Glass device to the list of devices prohibited from use by drivers while behind the wheel. A member of the West Virginia legislature introduced this bill.

This extension is aimed at protecting young drivers who may be at risk by being easily distracted by gadgets while operating a motor vehicle.

Some critics of the new bill say that the technology offered by Google Glass could enhance the driving experience by making driving itself much safer. The company could even add a driving mode option to the device, which would allow for less distractions and more focused driving. A spokesperson for Google has reported that the company hopes to enhance the technology and make the device safe for all drivers and users everywhere.

For more on this technology and how it could either increase the distraction risk or make driving a much safer experience, follow this link to read the full article.

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