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Costa Mesa Car Accident Lawyer

The Nagelberg Bernard Law Group, has been representing the victims of negligence for 30 years

Our team of dedicated attorneys represents those who have suffered from serious injuries, financial loss, personal loss and future damages due to negligence

Auto accidents change the lives of both the victim and their families. Every year, over 3 million people are seriously hurt in motor vehicle accidents, and approximately 42,000 people killed.

After an auto accident, contact us immediately to begin the process of a financial settlement. Do not consider accepting a settlement from an insurance company without first contacting and obtaining a lawyer.

We can prove if road conditions were unsafe, if there was inadequate safety and warning, or any other factors that may have been responsible for an accident. Much of this evidence is highly sensitive and may deteriorate over time. Sadly, many accident victims fail to act in defense of their rights until it is too late. Don’t let your case slip away from you.

The Nagelberg Bernard Law Group, has years of experience in auto accident matters. Our skilled team of attorneys will investigate the facts, assess your claim, establish which parties and insurance companies are to be held responsible, and organize all of the details of composing and presenting your case.

Our skilled and experienced team of lawyers will examine the facts, evaluate your claim, determine which parties and insurance companies are responsible, and organize all of the details of preparing and presenting your case.

There are three components in making a claim for personal injury:

  1. Liability, that is, who caused the accident and who is legally responsible.
  2. Establishing an amount of damages to which you are legally entitled.
  3. Determining where to collect the damages, specifically what sources, such as insurance or individual assets, are available for payment of a settlement or damage awards.

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If your law firm is looking to refer a personal injury case to another law firm, you should consider referring the client to the Nagelberg Bernard Law Group. The experienced and aggressive California personal injury lawyers at the Nagelberg Bernard Law Group have an outstanding track record of recovering the monetary compensation for our clients and other law firms that we have partnered with.