Cop Films Distracted Driver Ignoring Him

It’s not too often that you hear about traffic incidents that turn out to be amusing. Not because crashes are anything to laugh at, but because the outcomes end up making us laugh.

Hopefully, the fact we’re able to laugh at some of these incidents may help us have a better grasp of the underlying issues making such accidents so likely to happen in the first place.

According to a series of reports, an officer in Australia shot a video of a driver who was so distracted by her phone that she wasn’t even aware he was attempting to pull her over.

The incident may have happened in a foreign country, but the story became news globally. Since we here in California also have a major problem with distracted driving, we get why this video has become so widely popular.

The incident happened last Friday, and according to the reports, it took place in Subiaco, Australia.

The officer who shot the video noticed the driver behind the wheel of a Volkswagen had been holding up traffic at a green light. Then, when he looked again, he noticed she had her head down, and was texting. Once the officer told her the light was green, she hit the gas without even looking up.

As the officer pursued her, she carried on, focusing on her phone. Even after he turned on his lights and siren, she still failed to slow down. Once he caught up with the driver, she was still looking down, focusing on her phone instead of noticing that an officer had been attempting to pull her over for quite some time.

It was only when he shouted into the car that she finally realized what had been going on.

The driver was fined and got points taken off her license as a result of the incident. But the factor that may have helped her to never be distracted again was the surprise she got in the form of the officer who yelled through her window “When are you going to stop for me?”

If you’re a driver and you use a smartphone regularly, do not let your habit get in the way of safety. Many hit-and-run incidents happen because drivers are so distracted, they don’t even realize they hit someone or something.

In California, law enforcement has been urging drivers to avoid distractions precisely because of that problem. Drivers must never use their phones to talk, text, or email while behind the wheel. According to the AAA, even voice-to-text features can be distracting and, therefore, risky.

To know more about this incident, watch the video below or click here to read the full article.

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